Queenswood Court Bathroom Remodel

Queenswood Old Bathroom
This was the bathroom when we first moved in.

When we bought our town home we were SO excited to finally be home owners! Being that I LOVE REAL ESTATE, I could not wait to have a place to call my (our) own. A place that we could fix up along the way and feel a sense of pride and ownership. The above bathroom was not original, but wasn’t to our taste. Beige was, and still is, “out” and grey and white is all the rage.

I was pleased that we could get by with a few of the things in the bathroom that would save money. I knew this home would not be our forever home, so I didn’t want to get TOO TOO crazy with over-the-top updates, but it was important to me to enjoy it while we lived there all while getting it ready for the market in the next few years.

Queenswood bathroom Update

Here is what we ended up with. I was able to keep the double vanity which saved me about $1,500 that I didn’t have to spend. I kept the existing mirror but had my handyman frame it in for me. The toilet was the other piece that we did not have to buy, since it had already been replaced in the last few years.


I went to Floor and Decor in Lombard to pick out tile for the floor and and shower surround. Our tile guy tore out the old tiles and replaced it with the carrara marble seen in the photo above. I picked a lighter grout to go with this because I didn’t want this look to get too busy, which I believe would have happened if I have gone with a darker grout that stands out more. The marble has enough movement on its own.

As you can see, in the before picture the tub is beige. Thankfully there are companies that will glaze bathtubs and surrounds as well for MUCH LESS than it would cost to replace them! I had the tub glazed for $350 and I KID YOU NOT it looks sparkling and new (it’s from 1980!). I highly recommend doing this! Even if your tub looks grimey and gross, they use some kind of harsh acid wash to get all the grime off prior to glazing, and it turns out amazing!

The flooring tile was also from Floor and Decor. Its a grey/white striated, rectangular tile that I keep seeing on Flip or Flop and in flips that I show in the Chicago suburbs.

Something small that we had done that is not shown (see the mirror reflection) in the photos is the fact that we changed out the bathroom fan (it was just a fan) to a dual bathroom fan & light for additional lighting.

*Random Tip: If you have a light switch that turns on the bathroom light and bathroom fan at the same time, have those separated onto two switches. For some reason it really bothers me, and most of my buyers, when we are looking at home and the annoying fan sound has to be on when we look at bathrooms! UGH…THAT SOUND!!! = (

Lastly, when all was done we had the bathroom painted by my awesome painter! I chose a colder grey (with blue undertones) than I normally do to play off of the tile selection and pop with the black and white in the room.

I think it turned out really well! All in all I spent around $4K, however if you’d like to achieve this look on a lower budget that is absolutely possible. I didn’t have to pick such expensive tile (marble). Walk around Floor and Decor and you will be amazed at the choices!

If you’d like to chat about what updates buyers are looking for I’d love to help!

Jackie Sold Sign Shot1.jpg


Contact me on my cell at (630) 518-1644 or email me at jackieangiello@realtyexecutives.com


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