Staging Barry Avenue

In this listing we had a VERY minimal budget to get this home staged and sold. We were this seller’s second agent, and she was READY to sell this house!!! We used a variety of items from our staging inventory, and spent around $300 between Home Goods and Target to get the rest done. We also (as always) used professional photography. I can’t tell you what a pet peeve it is of mine when I see photos on the MLS of homes taken with iPhones, etc. I mean, you could have at least made sure you weren’t in the reflection of the mirror before snapping the picture, or gotten the seller’s cat off the bed first…? LOL

Staging Maureen'sHow many subtle changes can you spot from the BEFORE vs. the AFTER? This home had been on the market for a very long time prior to us getting the listing. After our staging & marketing this home sold in under a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas (not an optimal time for real estate!)!

If I were starting from scratch in this room with creative decorating freedom to do whatever I wanted, would I have decorated this room differently? Yes. BUT we had a budget, AND “staging” and “decorating’ are not the same thing! They’re actually the opposite of one another. Decorating is selecting designs, furniture pieces, decor, art for one’s specific taste. The idea of staging is designing a space to appeal to the greatest number of people’s tastes (the buyers!). We do our best to work with clients’ existing decor and furniture if we can, and bring in accent pillows and other pieces to modernize homes so that buyer’s walk in and can visualize themselves living there. Aside from staging, I cannot tell you how far a CLEAN home goes in the eyes of buyers.

Virtually Staging Geneva Road

In fact, we think staging is so important that we actually use virtual staging in choice or all rooms for vacant properties. Many buyers have a hard time visualizing what empty rooms would look like with furniture, so this can help with that! This home’s family room (pictured below) is completely empty. A little virtual decor and the space feels more inviting and will hopefully bring more buyer’s through the door! Did you notice the outdoor furniture!? Yeah, that’s not really there either… = )

Virtual Staging Geneva Road.jpg

Hawkins Circle: Danada East Staging

We also have partnered with professional stagers and decorators before when we need back-up! In the property below, that sold for the highest price in Danada East this year in Wheaton, we brought in professionals to help us in a few rooms (specifically the master, living room, office, and family room). We chose those rooms to stage professionally because 1. the living room was the first room buyer’s saw when they walked through the door, 2. the master needed to more feel luxurious and memorable to help the house to sell, 3. the family room is a room that people typically spend a lot of time in, and 4. the office needed some additional attention =)

We wanted both spaces above to feel modern and inviting without the seller’s breaking the bank to achieve these looks. We had the master bedroom painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, got a new duvet cover, throw blanket, lots of pillows, panel curtains & rod, lamps, mirror, stools, bench, plant, some other small decor pieces, and rearranged furniture! When this home hit the market we had the most successful open house we’ve ever had (it was a mad house!), and we received multiple offers! Staging Success!!!

Not only do I enjoy this part of the process, I love to see how happy and proud my sellers are when they see how gorgeous their homes look! This is part of why I don’t consider my job “work.”