Grandpa’s Buffet & Living Room Makeover

buffet original

There it is folks! The BEFORE picture of my grandpa’s old buffet. It has a matching China cabinet, but for now I’ve only got use for the buffet. I moved into a new home in Stonehedge (south Wheaton) in June and the one room that I was still working on furnishing was the living room. I figured this buffet might have some potential and I’d give refinishing it a shot before I go out looking to buy something!

I went to JC Licht on Roosevelt after doing some Pinterest research (haha) on the process and type of paint, etc. I knew I wanted something in the navy blue family because I had just purchased this rug from (I got the 9 x 12):


Living Room Rug
This is the Satara Imperial Wool Treillis Rug, click here for the link!

In person the trellis pattern shows more blue, so I thought a fun navy would play off of it nicely. I knew that Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a popular wall color, so I compared that to a few others and decided to go with it!

I bought the Hale Navy paint, primer, and gold spray paint (from Ace in Wheaton) to modernize the hardware!

First, I sanded the dresser lightly with a foam block sander after taking the hardware off. This took no time at all! Definitely clean it with a damp cloth before moving onto the next step. I realized that there seemed to be a gross layer or two of furniture polish that used to be the in-thing to put on furniture back in the day, in addition al dust from sanding….

Then, I taped off the buffet in areas that I didn’t want to paint to get on to— around the center glass door, along the back side, the sides of the drawer—any place that made sense. I like the green Frog Tape because it makes crisper lines than the old blue painters tape.

Next, I applied two light coats of the primer shown above with a brush.

Once the primer was dried, I used a mini foam roller that I bought from JC Licht to most of the apply the paint. For smaller, angled areas where I couldn’t get the mini roller into, I used a small foam brush. I applied two layers of the Hale Navy and there you have it folks!

While waiting for the paint to dry, and it does dry very quickly, I cleaned and sprayed the hardware (drawer handles) with the gold spray paint shown above. It’s the perfect paint for that modern matte gold look!

If I were using this piece in an area that gets a lot of use (not tucked away in my living room) I would have done some kind of poly top-coat, but I did not do that for this piece (at least not t this time). I am happy with how easy this project was, as I was doing it while my 2 month old baby was sleeping during nap times! I also helped me achieve the look I was going for in my living room.

Here you see the before and after! I will be adding a picture of the completed living room in a few weeks. I decided to have it painted my go-to grey (greige) right now, Agreeable Grey, also by Benjamin Moore. I love how it turned out with my already existing white trim. I am waiting on posting a picture because I had to take my coffee table to a listing for staging (haha, yes I do actually take pieces from my own home to stage houses from time to time. You gotta do what you gotta do to get a home sold!), but once it’s back I’ll post more about the whole update!

I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull this off, but I am glad I went for it! I hope this helps you get the creative juices flowing for your own little home project!

Buffet 2BuffetGrandpa's Buffet


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