Bathroom Face Lift

Fall 2017 hall bathroom make-over = )
bath vanity2 big

We moved into our new home in June 2017 and I was 33 weeks pregnant. It was a whirl wind unpacking in only 2 days because we were having out of town guests stay with us the weekend we moved in because it was our baby shower that weekend at Butterfield Country Club! Our new house in Stonehedge was absolutely move-in ready, but there are definitely several projects I am hoping to do over the years. One of them will be an actual hall bathroom overhaul/gut and remodel…. BUT it will be a while before we do that. In the meantime, I wanted to do some minor changes to make the space appear more updated without spending the big bucks.

Unfortunately I do not have a great “before” picture….. so I will do my best to describe the differences and what I did. FIRST OF ALL, the bathroom vanity is original and I can imagine that it once was an oak color, however, the sellers we bought the home from had painted the vanity a chocolate brown color. The walls were a golden-beige, which at one time was a hot color, but not anymore = )

Bathroom Vanity Hardware
Ok here is an up-close and personal view of the flooring…. unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do about it…. but I did want to point out that I changed the top drawer handles to these oil-rubbed bronze drawer pulls from Lowe’s ($5 a piece and I only needed 3). It’s nice to have 2 different hardware styles and I chose one style for the drawers and then kept the existing hardware on the cabinets.

The flooring I left for the real bathroom remodel that I plan to do down the road. I considered glazing it white to freshen it up, but in the end it wasn’t worth the money. I did get a quote to glaze the bathtub and shower surround tiles a bright white which came out to $750. I chose to hold off on that since we don’t use this bathroom very often.

To take the chocolate brown painted vanity to a more modern shade I went to Home Depot and chose Grey Shimmer, which is in the Behr Marquis line in the semi-gloss finish since bathrooms obviously get a lot of moisture.

First, I removed all the cabinet doors and hardware.

Then, I lightly sanded the cabinet and front and back of the doors with a square foam sanding block.

I taped off the cabinet and wall in places I wanted to make sure paint didn’t overflow onto. I like the Green Frog Tape. It makes sharper lines than the blue painter’s tape.

I did one coat of primer (I was in a huge rush because I have a newborn baby and I was doing this project during nap time!).

I used a paint brush to brush on the paint. I did 2 coats. I am super impressed with this paint! The coverage is great and I like the finish as well.

bathroom faucet
Another minor change that I feel goes a long way whether you’re doing a “face-lift” for your own enjoyment or to prepare your home for the market is changing out the faucets. I went with this goose-neck oil rubbed bronze option from Home Depot. They were a little more than I was intending to spend but not terrible. They were $89 I believe. I had my handy-man install them .

Another small, subtle change I made was replacing the dated “country-shutter” style medicine cabinet. I did not take a before picture of the old one, so this one shown above is the exact same one but located in my master bathroom….which is a future project for another time. I chose the all-mirrored one from Lowe’s and it was under $30! I also had my handy-man Mike replace this for me.


If I could have picked any color in the world I likely would not have picked this color, but remember I had to try to not clash with the flooring and counter-top since I am not changing those two items at this time. They’ve both got beige tones in them, so I knew the grey paint that I picked out couldn’t be too “cold”. In the past I have used Agreeable Grey by Benjamin Moore as a go-to color. It’s similar to Revere Pewter by BM which is all the rage right now but is a shade lighter. I chose Pale Oak by BM because it seemed almost identical to Agreeable Gray and I wanted to try something new, and was greige (grey/beige) enough to not conflict with the beige-y tones of the flooring and counter. I got the paint from JC Licht on Roosevelt Road.

bathroom 3

I did one coat of primer and then two coats of the Pale Oak using a brush for around the edges where I taped and a large roller for the bulk of the job. Thankfully the trim was already white in here!

A small thing I did that I feel made a difference in here was replace the yellow-cast light bulbs in the can-lights to “daylight” bulbs that give off a whiter glow. This also downplays the yellow-ish tint in the counters.

Two changes that are still on the to-do list in here that I haven’t gotten around to yet are putting up a simple white valance window treatment to cover the top of the blinds and well as a runner to cover some of that awesome tile = ) (haha)

Overall, I am happy with the changes here. It’s not perfect but it makes the space seem less dated and doesn’t bug me like it used to every time I walked by this bathroom. I also did this project between my 2 month old baby’s naps!

Some other tips that may work for your bathroom face-lift could be:

-Switching out the mirror

-Updating the light fixtures

-Replacing the vanity top with granite or quartz (my granite fabricator does this all the time for people)

-Refacing the cabinet doors (Home Depot does this and several other companies)

Let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help!


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