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Here you will find ideas for home renovation, decorating, staging, DIY, household tips and anything else I find interesting 🙂


Grandpa’s Buffet & Living Room Makeover

Taking Grandpa’s old buffet from mid-century moldy to mid-century modern! He would be so proud =)! AND other small improvements to my empty-to-furnished living room!


Staging Barry Avenue In this listing we had a VERY minimal budget to get this home staged and sold. We were this seller’s second agent, and she was READY to sell this house!!! We used a variety of items from our staging inventory, and spent around $300 between Home Goods and Target to get the… Continue reading Staging

Dining Room Re-do

We spent a TON of time in this dining room as it was our only eating space in our old town home in Briarcliffe Knolls in south Wheaton. I wanted it to feel Farmhouse-Fancy! Here is the listing photo of the dining room from when we bought the home. There are three positives (and ONLY… Continue reading Dining Room Re-do