Easy Ways to “Update” For the Market

My sellers often ask me, what are some easy ways to make my home feel more updated to attract buyers? I love this question, because it is simpler than many think!

  • Interior Paint! Having a fresh interior paint job makes a huge difference! We love to recommend trendy colors to help a home feel new inside! It is important to consult a knowledgeable realtor, stager, or decorator to select the right color(s) to attract buyers! I have seen sellers spend thousands on the wrong colors! Painting is good—–just not ANY paint will do the trick, though!
    • A few areas other than walls that can be painted to modernize are: fireplaces, staircases (treads, risers, spindles, railings), baseboards and crown molding, cabinets, bathroom vanities, spray painting hardware and light fixtures, and more!
    • Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.43.01 AM
  • Staging! Whether you need help with furniture rearrangement and accessories, or a full overhaul it makes a world of difference to create the right impression for buyers! Staging packages can range widely in price! To many people, professional staging can seem pricey, but we like to say,  “It doesn’t cost, it pays!”

*Being that we are Certified Staging Consultants that have an inventory of staging of our own, we are often able to stage sellers’ homes as part of our services. For                  larger jobs that would exceed our inventory we partner with professionals to                      bring your home to a whole different level!*

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.43.58 AM.png

  • Curb Appeal! Sweat equity may be all you need in this department! The number one thing you can do is edge your flower beds and put down fresh, dark colored mulch! A few added bonuses would be to tear out any yucky looking bushes, trim trees & hedges, plant flowers in beds and pots near the door, hang an American flag, and update shutter color & front door color! If you’re ready for a whole new look, statistics say that updating your garage door is a great ROI! Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.41.04 AM
  • Professional cleaning! Having your home cleaned professionally, even just ONE TIME, prior to hitting the market could be a game-changer in making the right first impression to buyers that view your home! It is normal to become immune to things in our own home, but these things such as smells, dirty windows, dog hair, etc, could be a big turn-off to potential buyers! I know this isn’t an update, but I do highly recommend this if you’re thinking of listing your home.
  • Kitchen updates! If you have an entirely dated kitchen, it’s great to do something to make it appear more updated! Kitchens sell homes! You can make your kitchen stand out by doing one, or a few of the following things. 1) A new stainless steel appliance package! 2) Paint cabinets white 3) Replace counter tops! We work with a stone fabricator that can do this at a VERY reasonable price! 4) Add a white subway tile backsplash! 5) Change out or spray dated cabinet hardware.
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.51.52 AM
Is this the most updated “after” reveal you’ve ever seen? Absolutely not. However, this is all it takes to modernize a space, helping your property sell faster AND more more $$$!

Update Lighting! I LOVE to pick out light fixtures to help a space feel more modern! It is one of the easiest things you can do, and online websites like Overstock, Amazon, Wayfair, Birchlane, Lowes, LampsPLus, etc. have excellent and inexpensive options for you! I have helped clients select lighting for spaces such as the dining room, foyer, bedrooms, kitchens, you name it! Make sure to check the dimensions prior to ordering!Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 11.56.22 AM.png

  • Flooring! Simply replacing carpet can make a home feel brand-new! A step above this would be to refinish hardwood floors in a medium-dark stain, as in the photo above!

In today’s home buying market, we are dealing with sophisticated, HGTV watching buyers! Just doing one or two updates from my list can help you stand out from the crowd, and attract millennial buyers! Many sellers are hesitant to pick updates to help them sell because A) Doing nothing to your home is obviously easier than putting in some effort & preparation, and B) They say to themselves, “What if the buyers don’t like what I’ve picked out?”

The bottom line is, when we are preparing to sell, we are staging, not “decorating”. The purpose is to SELL YOUR HOME faster and for more than it would otherwise. Of course we don’t know ever single buyer’s particular taste, but we stage to please the masses. We select finishes that are popular, and that appeal to your most likely target market of buyers. The bottom line is, most buyers are going to come in and change a few things once the home is theirs. Our objective is to position your home to sell, and we cannot get caught up in what a buyer may do to the home down the road. You’ll already be on to your next adventure by then!

For more on this topic, or listing your home, feel free to give me a call!

What is my home worth?!

Jackie Angiello

Realty Executives Premiere


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