Downtown Wheaton Chili Cook-Off!

This past weekend on November 4th, I attended the 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off in downtown Wheaton! My husband and I brought our daughter, Mia, to meet up with a few friends! Mia even had a baby buddy to hang with!

Even though the weather was not amazing—it was drizzling on and off— there was still a great turn out! Everyone seemed pumped to be there despite the weather, and downtown Wheaton was poppin’!

Tickets were $22 for adults and $10 for kids, and a ticket booth that took cash or card was posted up near Cellar Bistro on Hale.

This year there were several participants including: Emmett’s Brewing Company, Front Street Cantina, Gia Mia Pizza Bar, Gino’s East of Chicago, Ivy Restaurant, My Half of the Sky, Muldoon’s Irish-American Eatery, Il Sogno, Suzette’s Creperie, Bricks Wood Fired Pizza, Choun’s Restaurant, Dry City Brew Works (featuring Steamboat BBQ), Egg’lectic Cafe, El Zarape Restaurant, and The Burger Social.

I was excited that they opened up the under-construction Burger Social for the competition so that I was able to get a sneak-peak at the renovation going on inside! It looks very loft-like in its style and I cannot wait to see it when it’s up and running!

chili peppers

On our limited time frame we visited 3 of the stops with baby Mia! First, we went to Emmett’s and had our first bowl. It was very good and I was STARVING!

Next, we went to Dry City and had a delish bowl that had a BBQ flavored chili with just a bit of heat! LOVED IT!

Lastly we went to Ivy and they had a great spread for chili and sides of cheese, sour cream, etc. on the outdoor place with hanging lights and overhead coverings to shelter people from the mist!

I REALLY wanted to try Sogno’s Pumpkin Chili, but we didn’t have time! We had to make it back to get ready for our evening plans—dinner with friends at Glen Ellyn’s new Maize and Mash restaurant (highly recommend for a casual but foodie dinner & drinks!) Does it seem like all of our social engagements revolve around food? Because you’re correct (haha)!

Overall, it was a great atmosphere. You could hear the bag-pipes coming from Muldoons, people smiling ear to ear walking about with friends and family, and the heart-warming scent of chili everywhere you went!

I will definitely be back next year. Mia will be bigger (she’s 3.5 months now) and we will hopefully be able to enjoy more chili stops next year!

The WINNERS the chili cook-off this year were:

People’s Choice ( public voting):

1st Place: Muldoon’s Irish-American Eatery

2nd Place: Dry City Brew Works-Steamboat BBQ

3rd Place: Brick’s Pizza

Critic’s Choice (blind tasting):

1st Place: Dry City Brew Works-Steamboat BBQ

2nd Place: Suzette’s Creperie

3rd Place: Brick’s Pizza

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