Wheaton French Market: April – November 8 am – 2 pm

I absolutely LOVE the Wheaton French Market! I always look forward to going each weekend (if I have time!!!)! On nice days, it can be SUPER packed and can be difficult to push a strolled down the aisles against the crowd. I typically park in the parking garage on the south side of Liberty without a problem.

Some of my favorite things to buy at the market are fruits and veggies, organic lotions/personal care products, the flowers are GORGEOUS, they have some decent women’s clothing vendors (I bought a floppy hat there and always contemplate buying of the sweater and ponchos they have!), ummmm desserts—sometimes I buy them and walk around and eat them while I browse (LOL)— the coffee from I Have a Bean, and they’ve got all kinds of other awesome stands like crepes, knife sharpening, olive oil, knick knacks, books, posters, cards, purses, cheese, meats, eggs, wine (!), jewelry, scarves, health supplements, popcorn….. it goes on and on. It is such a fun way to start off your Saturday morning and I’ve been coming for years = ).




Market Babies
Three of my Wheaton friends since kindergarten and all the babies together at the Wheaton French Market. (September 2017)

For more information click here!

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